Legal Counsel

The Guayaquil Chamber of Commerce offers its members the benefit of free legal advice on corporate, labor, intellectual property and contractual matters. Our objective is to provide comprehensive advice in the different commercial activities of the partner.

Corporate Legal Counsel

It provides guidance and acquittal of legal consultations in the ordinary course of business and companies of the partner, as well as other corporate services in the internal management of the company and with the control body: the Superintendence of Companies.

Labor Law Counseling

It offers information and advice to our partners on consultations related to employers and workers, such as hiring, labor disputes and compliance with the control agency: Ministry of Labor.

Contractual Legal Counsel

Advice to enter into agreements and/or arrangements in different fields such as civil, labor and commercial. We accompany our partners in the contingencies that may arise in relation to defaults, abnormal termination of contracts or any other eventuality.

Members can request this benefit through the Whatsapp button on the website, by sending an email to or by coming to our offices.

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