Foreign Trade

The Guayaquil Chamber of Commerce has developed a package of services focused on the development or facilitation of foreign trade.

Certificate of Origin

Requirements to obtain a Certificate of Origin (may vary depending on the nature of the product):

  • RUC;
  • Appointment of the legal representative;
  • Identification card of the legal representative;
  • Production process and flow chart of the product to be exported;
  • Invoices of purchase of domestic or imported inputs used in the production of the product to be exported;
  • Technical data sheet of the product.

Special Certificate

The Guayaquil Chamber of Commerce offers the service of special certification of documents supporting or accompanying an export.

This certification consists of the validation by our entity of the aforementioned documents, which makes it easier for exporting companies to comply with the requirements demanded by their counterparts or by customs abroad.

Foreign Trade Statistics

The tariff statistics information service allows our partners to access detailed information on the commercial exchange of goods between Ecuador and the rest of the world.

This information is useful to learn about market opportunities, importers, exporters, suppliers and others. It assists in strategic business decision making and can be customized to the needs of each client to optimize the interpretation and presentation of results.

Ranking of importers and exporters

The Guayaquil Chamber of Commerce offers this specialized service that helps companies monitor their local and foreign competition, know the behavior, market situation, competitors and volumes in quarterly periods.

The Importers / Exporters ranking is a useful tool to know which products are or are not in the market, with details of the subheadings.

Members and non-members of the Guayaquil Chamber of Commerce can request these services through the Whatsapp button on the website, by sending an email to or by visiting our offices.

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