Tax Advisory

Tax advice resolves queries and clarifies information on requirements based on current tax regulations, in order to optimize and reduce errors that may result in future fines and interest.

Regular tax consulting services
  • Business and taxes: application of current tax regulations in your business.
  • Opening of RUC, requirements and obligations from the first day.
  • Consultation and Annexes: review and consulting on how to prepare the annexes to be submitted to the IRS.
  • Billing guidelines: order, cancellations, credit or debit memos.
  • Tax returns: applicable to your business.
  • Filing forms 101 and 104, monthly or semi-annually, receive our how-to guide. This benefit is also received by individuals who are not required to keep accounting records.
  • Guide and explanation for tax refunds (individuals and corporations), senior citizens and disability.
  • Explanation and Guide on how to make the Dividend Schedule together with the dividend withholding (all cases).
  • Application of IFRS standards in your business.

In order to help members with all their tax queries, the Guayaquil Chamber of Commerce has set up several channels of attention to meet their needs. Members can request advice via the Whatsapp button on the website or by sending an email to

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