GCC presented the Trade Awards

The Guayaquil Chamber of Commerce launched the first edition of the COMMERCE AWARDS with the aim of awarding companies that, through their projects or business activities, have made an outstanding contribution to the economic, social and environmental development of the country.

Organizations, companies, private sector micro-enterprises and non-profit organizations participated, with projects implemented for up to 5 years. The applicants were member or non-member companies of the Chamber, incorporated and domiciled in Ecuador, and participated in the following categories:

  1. Innovation.
  2. Digital transformation.
  3. Corporate social responsibility.
  4. E-commerce.
  5. Social entrepreneurship.
  6. Environmental care.
  7. Business reinvention.
  8. Employment generation.

Within the classification and evaluation, the contribution that the companies made during the critical stage of the Covid 19 pandemic was also valued, since the activities were conditioned and many injected creativity and developed new business alternatives. 24 companies participated and after an arduous work with a qualifying jury, the awards ceremony took place on Tuesday afternoon, November 15, in the Fernandina Room of the Hilton Colon Hotel in Guayaquil.

  • Innovation.

1st place: Veris

2nd place: Ecotec

3rd place: Economic credits

  • Digital transformation.

1st place: Land Registry

2nd place: Favorita

3rd place: Aje

  • Corporate social responsibility

1st place: Nestlé

2nd place: Duragas

3rd place: Pacari

  • E-commerce.

1st place: Alesa

2nd place: Pycca

  • Social entrepreneurship.

1st place: Favorite

2nd place: De Prati

3rd place: Argos

  • Care for the environment.

1st place: Ecotec

2nd place: Favorita Corporation

3rd place: AJE

  • Business reinvention.

1st place: Hotel Oro Verde

2nd place: Veris

3rd place: Data fast

  • Employment generation.

1st place: Disensa

2nd place: Favorita

3rd place: Ecotec

Miguel Angel Gonzalez, president of the Guayaquil Chamber of Commerce expressed his joy at being able to honor the hard, tireless and committed work of the country’s entrepreneurs.

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